Share of common expenditure.

Hello Sir I A. C. Rane from Pune would like your suggestion on following queries. 1- In our common campus there are four buildings developed by single builder, and he has formed individual society for each building (two wings per building). There is no federation formed yet. (Buildings and wings - A-B = 42 flats, C=48 flats, D-E=42 flats and F-G=56 flats.). Each society has its own mgmt committee to take care of it, and charging their society monthly charges as per individual society expenditures adhering to the bylaws, also each building has their local security guard. However, would want to know how should there be a cost distribution for common expenditures (eg. garden maintenance, club house, street light and main gate security, CCTV..etc) as all of these common utilities are being equally used by/for all residents of all buildings. 2- And if any of the above society not cooperating to share common expenditure which is causing and compromising safety of the entire common campus. What action should other societies take to born common expenditure cost from that society. Awaiting to hearing back. Thanks Amol Rane