I got arranged married before 3 months after marrying when she came at my home we coudnt identify tha nature of a girl but passing some few days she is showing her full rights on me like she is pretending behaving like i m her peon who will listen and accept her all things i m a government employees who lives outside from my native place and my service is movable so i told to her that i m unable to get u with me in future after listeNing she said fine alright i have no problem but now she wants i should get her with me on my jobs place. For doing this she making different different kind of pressure on me and if we talking on telephony that time uses a rude language. i m sicked up with this problem. So i m decided to i can live alone rather than this kind of life. So it is kindly requested that tell any kind of possibility to i got divorced with her. Your solutions can make a save a life of a person. She is also cheating wid me but i hv no proof at dis tym.. i want divorce at any cost plz help me..