Need compensation from person who held my tourist car

Hi Lawyers, Need your help and advice on the below issue.Sorry if I had selected wrong category.Here is my problem. One person - kumarean - snatched my tourist car from my driver - ashwin - due to their personal vengeance and was using it since Nov 2012. I requested him several time to give back my car but he didn’t. Soon later I got to know that that area police is also on kumaresan side and so I approached a lawyer. The incident happened at Coimbatore and I am in Chennai. without delaying, We sent the first legal notice to the concerned persons by December 2012 and after all legal formalities we were able to file writ in madras high court on September 2013 and its in process now, However the case has not been progressed a little too and I have not attended any hearing yet. So, I tried other way by making complain through CM cell link, CCTNS site online and finally it worked and I got my car back from that person on May 2015. That person accepted that he has took and used my car from oct 2012 till may 2015 which is being hypothecated under Mahindra and Mahindra finance. I have not paid any emi money during the above tenure since the car was not with me and case is going one which they are aware of.. Now when I approached finance person they asking me to pay amount of around ten laks includes my car's principal amount, interst and penalties. When I approached police of Coimbatore they said since I have all legal documents correctly and also the person who had my car accepted his mistake by written evidences, they ask me to file a private case and can claim the amount from the person who had.used my car during sep 2012 till may 2015 Here my question are - what is private case? How to file it? Is it possible to get money from the person who held/used my car all these months?I already have one writ in progress and is it still possible to file a separate case ? Request someone help madly!!