Best and economical way for property separation in UP

Hi, I am sixty years old male living in Uttar Pradesh, having two brothers and two sisters. My father had divided the property between the siblings twenty years back but there was no official will or deed for the division of the property. Since then, we all are using these properties (shops, homes and agriculture lands) as per the division. My mother had died thirty years ago and my father died three years ago. My both the sisters are married and living far, we three brothers are living at the same place where few of the properties are in name of my father and few of the properties are in name of three brothers. So I have few questions- 1. How can I and my brothers take the full ownership of their respective properties? 2. Will the process vary for different types of properties? 3. Is there a way that the ownership for my share can be directly given to my two sons jointly? 4. Is this process doable without involvement of my sisters as it would not be possible for them to come personally for this? Please suggest me the most easy, economical and quick way to do this given current pandemic situation and I am not expecting any resistance between three brothers. Thanks in advance.