To protect my mom from my elderly brother and his wife.

Dear sir/madam My mom aged 68 has 2 sons .my elder brother who has married 25yrs before has a daughter(22) and a son aged 19 both the children has not completed their 10th. My dad passed away when my mom was 30yrs old .from that day onwards she has worked too hard to bring both of us .she worked has a building coolie and she own some property of her own. When my brother got married I was studying 12th sister inlaw started beating my mom for her property .when I asked about it she even blamed on me and filed sexual harrassment case on me.after investigation the police worned my sister inlaw for giving false complaint and with some of our relatives we asked them to stay separately .though they lived separately she used to come everyday to my mom's house fought with her. Later I got married before 15 yrs(back)I have 2 female kids studying 10th and 5th. till know as much as possible I am taking care of mom. After my marriage even i was out of my mother's house because ofmy brother and his wife. Again repeatedly she (my sister inlaw) gave sexual abuse case to threaten after this me and my wife stayed out of the house but still I didnot live my mother. I took all the care of her.before 5yrs my mom became very sick it was difficult for me and my wife to look after her from staying far from her .so my mom called me to come back to her own house. So me and my brothers family came inside to my mom's own mom has got 5 constructed house and some empty is not approved land.from the day she entered our house she her sonand her daughter started torturing using abusive words and has beaten her up with sticks and stones when I was not in home.withing this 5 yrs she and her daughter has given so many false sexual harresment case on me to threaten my mom to divide the property. She has illegal affairs with many people. Even has slappedmy mom once.seeing this my mom became very weak . Even my children and my wife are very much scared to live here .my wife is working as a teacher she don't want my children to be in this place .very important Is many people has given complain on her for various reason but it was not so strong .my brother knows everything but still he stands on his wife side and watch them beating my mom .2yrs back she was complained by a woman for having illegal affairs with her husband. My neighbor know everything about her but still they are very much scared to talk against her .they even stopped paying electricity bill. So my mom has cut off there EB connection.2YRS BACK I FIXED CCTV CAMERA.NOW ITS HELPFUL. 2 days before I have clear videos of my sister inlaw beating my mom in hammer and her daughter fighting .we called police and they told us to take my inlaw to hospital and complain it in the police station.i have all the proof hitting my mom and bringing some outside people misbehaving in my house. I'm not interested in my mom's property. I just want her to be fedup walking to station