General power of attorney,divorce

My husband 65 yrs cancelled GPA which he gave to me ,my daughters and filed a case against us under Order vll rule 1&2of cpc and filed divorce against me I suffered lot of psysical,mental now economic abuse from him for the past 37 yrs because of my two daughters,I did their school nursery to college admission,posting ad in the matrimonial sixties,their marriage single handedly.he is so indifferent,never participated any important events even daughters reception,birth of 1 st grand daughter,we ( I, my two married daughters)are all Victimised of his razor edge tongue,character assassinations of are very common,most pitiable feature is character assassinations in front of their in laws & their husbands,these things make my brain null & unstable. He is having an illicit relationship with a servant maid (married, husband,3 grown up kids,illegal out of this relationship ( my husband was 58 yr at that time) Till corona he was with her with her family in my house which is in joint name of me and my husband,and handed over his key to her with out my knowledge I also counter the cases against it I want to know the sections which is favourable or suited to show my mental physical ,economical abuses which I went through all my 37 yr of relationship,I am 60 yrs now,I want to live peacefully away from him,he is here now because of crotons,I want to know how to get rid of him because he is threatening me with eviction notices, what to do . Pl pl help me