Am I considered married or not?

I met a divorcee and married him in a temple (no one around). We do not have wedding photo, invitation cards, no relatives. Our marriage was not consummated. We were living apart according to his proposal. He visited me during weekends but could not engage in intimate relationship. I wanted to have a family however, he was giving me significant stress due to which I had to resign my work and come back to my mothers place. During the stay at my mother place, I chatted with a friend (who I have never met till today, but consulted him as a unknown friend (staying abroad) in financial matters over the phone, face book. This friend is married and has a son) on face book, and told him about my story. My friend suggested that I should have married him and he would have kept me happy. Blah blah blah.. THIS WAS JUST A CHAT AND NOTHING ELSE. However, it was in my face book account. I forgot all that things and due to pressure from my mother as well as divorcee guy's mother, I went to live with him as a dedicated wife with the only intention that I want to make this marriage work this time (I am also a divorcee). But my efforts was in vain. He is a suspicious guy, he hacked my smart phone and read the face book messages between my and my abroad friend. He started to trouble me, called all my relatives and malign me in society with relatives and friend. Forces me to write things which are senseless and threatens me to seek 1 cr INR as a compensation. I was so traumatized living with him, so I returned back to my mother place. I do not have a job and it has been more than a year I am living far away from him. My question is - 1. Do I need to file a divorce since there is no registration or proof of marriage? 2. I have lost a good job and don't have any other support, I am living on my savings with my mother. Can I seek any compensation from him? 3. Can he frame me to pay him 1 cr rupees based on my face book messages even though i have never met this friend in life. 4. How can I punish a person like my so called husband who threatens, caused me to lose the job, hacked my phone, malign me in front of my society, friends across india, relatives across india and have smashed me mentally, psychologically, socially and economically by strategising his move scrupulously.