Plotted land scheme

Greetings of the day!!! I am planning purchase a piece of land in my home town.The land is agricultural in nature & is located at outskirts of the town,hence doesn't fall under municipality either.The plot is sold by a builder under plotted scheme. The builder's plotted scheme is 70 meters away from main road.First plot adjecent to road is on name of builder's friend,the next plot is on name of same party.Then a govt plot & there after is the plot which he is selling. My question is 1.How will I get the approach road to the main road when the entrance from main road is in his friend's name. between the 3rd plot is govt it allowed to use govt land as approach road. it legal for the builder to show plot on his friend's name as approach road to his plots in sketch to be deposited during sale deed? 4.Do builder's friend pose the right to block the approach road or won't permit at all because the plot is in his name & he has every right to do whatever he want to do with his plot. Kindly advise the legal procedures.if the approach road process as stated by builder is is not legal as per process. Then I will refrain myself from aquaring the plot Esteemed advises are highly solicited. Regards the