Harresment by mother in law in my pregnancy.

Dear sir/ mam, i m married from last 7 years n m expecting my 1st child. My mother in law is a business woman but all her property is on her fathers name. I have newly started my business of salon which is not going so well. My mother in law always harras me in everything. She always fill ears of my husband against me. She demands money from me. But when i ask money for my expensese i.e medicine or any eatables item for myself. M 6th month pregnant. She cant c me n my husband happy. She curse my baby always (i pray to god that u will get handicapp baby n u will run for ur baby treatment to all hospitals at that time i will feel happy) she is the worst female i have ever seen. She always locks the house n go sumwhr n we have to sit outside the house for long time. Her family is also like her only. I had suffer a lot but now m pregnant n cant able to bear all this. My parents lives far so i cant go to their place also in this condition. My husband is on my side n loves me a lot. Once i had gone to police n police people told me tht this is our personal matter. I really want to get rid of her n want to stay happy with my parents. Please advice what should i do.