Power of attorney papers lost or stolen

My father bought a property for me in shalimar garden ghaziabad as i was not eligible for the loan as i had the private job and my father was a goverment servent so the home loan could only be possible on his account which we did and my father bought the property on his name and made me a nominee as he was 9 years of his service left at 2005 and my husband agreed to this. I paid the instalments to my father sometimes my husband but husband has no record that he paid the instalments or may be have i dont know. the loan amount was getting deducted from my fathers account. later we sold that property and paid the bank the whole left amount with panelty and bought a new house in delhi on which my father gifted to me and the power of attorney is in my name. my question is the power of attorney papers are stolen or missing and my husband claims that he will ask for his remunneration out of this property so does he has any authority or if the papers are stolen will this property be not mine and where can i get the duplicate power of attorney issued.