DV complaint after almost 4 years of seperation

Hi, Me and wife lived in US till Nov 2010 and have been living separately since then. She decided that she doesn't wants to live with me in US and never came to US with me. After around 6 (May 2011) months I filed petition for divorce which is still pending in the courts. I lived in India for about years from 2013-14 and returned to US. In August 2014 my wife filed DV complaint against me in the family courts and for some reason it took good one for year for me to get the order to appear in the court at my residence. Since I am not in India she was not able to serve me. I was able to get a copy of the complaint somehow without me getting served. She has put lots of false allegations in it and is demanding one time amount of Rs 50 lakh for the damages. I want to know if her DV case will stand since its almost 5 years now that we are separated? I am in US but not being served, can she serve me in US? If I get served in US do I need to attend the court date? She is deliberately dragging the court case and wants to prolong this without any conclusion. What's the best way out of this? Please give your expert opinions.