Dob in birth certificate is different from other documents

Ì am an Indian citizen by birth. date of birth on birth certificate is 26.03.1990 but in madhyamik admit card it became,in India,every certificate like voter,pan,etc cards are issued by madhyamik admit card,so simply those are aligned with my madhyamik admit dob. i have applied many governments exams by this dob and got admit to attend exams without any problem.but in case of passport,i had to show birth certificate and passport issued with that dob same as birth certificate ie for internal thing in India if i provide admit card as dob as i did always before,will it be a problem?i came to know passport only comes in field for foreign trip.and in that case only birth certificate is in that case i can provide passport as it is aligned with birth certificate. except this if i create an affidavit for other documents(voters,pan,etc) saying that birth date recorded in these documts (22.03.1990) is wrong and correct dob is which is in birth certificate ie. 26.03.1990,is it acceptable?