Maintainence money

Sir, I am Jatt Sikh.I am residing in Ludhiana (Punjab). I have done Diploma in Pharmacy. Where as my wife is M.A & B.Ed. in qualification.I am married for last 9 years. We don't have any children.My wife has left me Now she is living with her mother and brother (who is married) for last two years in her parental house. Now she has filed a complaint against me, My Father,Elder Brother and his Wife. in women cell Mohali,Punjab, Which is as follows 1.That I am in not contact with her (Which is false as she has my mobile number which she had given to women cell) 2. My father is not allowing her entry to his house (Fact is that due to rude and aggressive behavior of my wife, After demise of my mother, My father (who is now 70 years old) has obtained a degree through Court against me and my wife. As he wanted to live peaceful life Now i am living separately for last two years since my father obtained degree from court). 3. My wife demands maintenance Money from me. She wants to reside in her in laws house as there are Servants & comfort but not with me as i would not be able to provide all of these. She in her beyaan to women cell that she is doing job with some private firm. Now please clear my doubts which are as follows 1. What can Women Cell do in my case. I want divorce. 2. Can women cell ask me to pay maintenance ( I am presently unemployed). 3. If yes what is the minimum and maximum amount they can ask me to pay. 4. Can I also file a complaint against my wife in women cell. 5. If not where can i file my complaint and under which section of law.