Hi all, Recently because of the current situation my father was infected with covid 19 and he was home quarantined. The same message was communicated to the association and the way the mis behaviour started with is something that I can't discuss. However we came out of this situation and had to continue with a care taker as my dad is a paralytic pateint. The last care taker who was hired by us came out to be a drunked and on one Sunday he came drunk and we called his boss and sent him back but he came back at 11 inbthe night and the night security guard sent him without any consultation with us. There was an issue with the night watchman my brother and that guy and finally by 12:30 the matter got settled. Next day the secretary of our apartment called the watchman and audio recorded the conversation and have sent the same to our association group without discussing with us the person who was the witness for the whole episode and without consulting the pressident. Now I have been asking be