Stridhan of a issueless widow would be given to which family

My grandmother younger sister died in the year 2009. She is a issue-less widow of Lt. Soven Lal Ganguly, after husband death. The entire propriety goes to her custody. As she was a issue-less women, she used to take two of UN-married women sister to live along with her for last 40 year. After her death both the sister residing in the sister house for another 4 years. At the age of 85 her last sister dies in 2014, after her death as per her elder sister wise I had handed the house to Visva-Bharati University. The University authority make inventory list. The elder sister Lt. Purnima Ganguly's husband brother have two children still living they also have given the inventory list also. At the time of inventory list huge number of ornaments find in the abandonment house of Lt. Purnima Gaguly. It is found that Lt. Purnima Ganguly had a locker in the State Bank of Indian, Santiniketan Branch. The hairs claim that the ornaments belong to Lt. Purnima Ganguly, I opposed it and said it is belong to two UN-married sister who live alongwith the elder sister. Please give advise who is the real claimant of the ornaments of Lt. Purnima Ganguly and other two sister who live along with her for last 40 years