Daughter share in ancestor property

My father expired 4 years back. He has property of around 10 acres of land. He got this land from his father ( i.e. ancestors property) . My father sold around 4 acres of land ( I had signed on the registration document along with my father and brothers in the sale process) before his death and constructed a house in Hyderabad with that money. Presently my brothers and mother is living in the same house. This house is in the name of my father. During this time my father gifted 2 acres of land and wrote on a piece of paper about the same and this paper is with me now. After his death, I have disused about the 2 acres of land given it to me with my brothers, they said that, they will see afterwards. But recently, I came to know that, my both the brothers have transferred around 4.25 of Acers of land on their name ( 2.125 Acre each) and rest of the land they might have sold and not showing in the records on their name. They have not informed me about the same. I feel they have taken legal heir certificate without my name and transferred the land without my signature. Presently, House construed by my father is on his name only and they have not yet transferred on their name. This house is located in Hyderabad and land is located surrounding of Hyderabad. Kindly advise me, what can do now and what are all documents need to collect for filing a complaint ? How to prove that, I am also the legal heir ?