Non payment of rent

Sir I own a house in Chennai with Ground floor and First floor.I have rented Ground floor for rent to a family of 4 in the year 2017 September without agreement and it was orally done. Rent was 12000 .I collected advance for 3 months approximately. Rs 40000 From the beginning he is very irregulary paying me the rent in instalments after asking him repeatedly many times.He became more irregular in 2018 onwards and accumulated rent and paid meagre amount.At one period the outstanding amount went above the advance amount.I am a senior citizen lady.Whenever I ask him for the rent he used to say some time limit but when I go personally to collect he will say he does not have money.In my house I have 2 EB connections and 2 common motors one metrowater,one bore motor for underground water..Both Metro water motor and bore water motor are connected to 1 st floor tenant EB meter..The ground floor tenant is given Both water connection in this two motors only.I have a sub meter for only motor electricity consumption and I calculate EB consumption for motor in a ratio for 1 st and ground floor and charge him in ratio 7:4.But his 4 parts is paid by me to the 1st floor tenant since the 1 st floor tenant have already paid it to EB office..His accumulated amount includes the motor amount also.Already outstanding amount Rs. 125347 (one lakh twenty five thousand three hundred and Forty seven rupees) Was there till end of March 2020 before lockdown.In addition to that accumulated amount,He has not paid anything till now for 5 months that is April,may,June,July,,August 31st ( lock down).Now When I ask him for the old accumulated rent he is telling he will give only when he gets money and talking very rudely to me.My husband and me both are senior citizens. I am a retired employee and I do not have pension and depend upon this rent for my livelihood.This house I purchased through my office housing loan in the year 1986 October.We depend upon the rent for livelihood.I wanted your advise how to go about it sir/madam.I humbly request you to help me in this .Thanking you