Tenant left without paying electric bill and uninhabitable condition

We rent our flat to a man (who works for a company ((company name 20 Microns)))...for over 7-8 years we never had issues with them ...during lock down they decided to vacate the premises as they are closing their operations in Mumbai.. they ( the company) has now left the flat without paying the electricity bills ...they say they haven't consumed the electricity ...we have followed up with the electric board and they have sent us the meter reading image and all but the middle person who has his name on the agreement says they(the company) may not pay ...the bill is for 8000 plus INR... They didn't pay the rent ...as they say they in lock down Govt told not to collect rent ... they also left the place in a inhabitable condition ..there were ac installed TV installed which they didn't remove properly hence damaging the electric connections not to mention the filth... its a multinational company ...I have sent the middle man many notifications to clear the dues ... i really want to send them notice to clear their electric bill and seek compensation for the way they have left the flat