Deviation in construction from sale agreement/brochure floor plan

1. I was provided with a floor plan for my apartment while signing the sale agreement. This floor plan is printed in the agreement and signed by both parties (developer and me). Moreover, this floor plan is shared on the brochure of the project as well. This is when I booked the apartment in 2012. 2. Now during the construction of the apartment the builder has deviated from the floor plan and made changes to it without my consent OR request. 3. I have opposed this and brought it to the builder's notice. The changes are as below:- 1. Kitchen and utility space was separate and utility was a open balcony connected to the kitchen through a door and a window as per plan. In construction, the builder has covered the utility with walls and made the kitchen and utility as a single unit. 2. At the entrance to the apartment there was a foyer of 4ft*5ft in the plan. In construction the builder has removed the foyer completely and that space of 20 sqft is gone. Please advise on what legal course can be taken. Moreover, will my request hold good in the court of law.