False dowry

I was get engaged in 2013 with one girl. After engagement her father asked my dad to do marriage registration with fake photos. because i live overseas so we can apply her document straight after our marriage. we trust them and her father get a false marriage certificate from his friend who work in temple. but now they force me to leave my parents after marriage and bring her brother to overseas. i refused to do that and after long arguments in our families they file a false dowry harassment case against me and my family. she never came to my home as well. now they asking for Rs10 lakh to take their complaint back. we gave so many proofs to police about that i am not married. in complaint her father said that we ask for a RS 50 lakh from them on phone. and her father is just a employee in a private factory and his pay is Rs16000/m and they even don't have any other way of income. how can we ask them for 50lakh. can any one help me to come out from this situation. and how we can proof that complaint is false.