Why tenancy law is in favour of landlords in India and how to file petition for change

Hello professionals, I have vitnessed and have personal experience that in India there are all laws in favour of landlords and not tenants. When you rent a house or flat, you are asked to give security deposits that are hefty in cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. Then tenants are asked to give the 11 months rent cheques in advanced (PDCs). Tenants are asked to give the cheque of security deposit before registration and gets the refund after he/she leaves the house. I mean anything. Landlords though having security deposit and advanced rents why should they be worried about future rent failure probability? What is the security of tenants here? There are a lots of cases that landlords don't pay security deposit to the tenants or deduct lot of money from it in the name of damage. Secondly, landlords don't trust tenants until cheque is cleared so they ask for security deposits cheque before registration. But, tenants have to trust landlords and gets deposit after they vacat house. At the time of registration they say what if check is bounded and registration is done. In that case there's only risk of registration fees but what if landlords return deposit cheque bounced after he/she left the property? General conception and people say that don't leave the property until you get the deposit. But, practically is it possible? Majority of tenants come from different city for job and that's why they have to rent a house. As people living in the same city have their own house. Now, suppose the agreement ends on 15 July and tenant handover the keys to landlord on 15 July, they get cheque of the security deposit on the same day. Now it takes 3-7 days to release the cheque. So, the tenants get the amount after reaching another city or cheque is bounded then tenants has to come to the city again and do legal procedure. Instead of this why there's no law of getting the deposit earlier? Thirdly, landlords say that they are giving their 1 crore flat, so they can ask for 1 lakh deposit(example). Now, first of all tenants don't get ownership of the flat by renting the property so the landlords shouldn't say that they are giving 1 crore property. They are renting it. And that's what meaning of the rent. Secondly, tenants can't move the property. So, they are not going to take anywhere. If there are any damages then they will be obvious. I don't think damages can be of rs. 1 lakh. Fourthly, brokers ask for 1 month rent as brokerage (generally, some brokers charge 1.5 or 2 months) what if someone wants a house for 1-2 or 3 months. There are many other faults in the law which need to be changed. Is there anyone who can tell me how to file petition or change can be brought in the laws? I would like to file a petition on change.org.