Cheque dishonour

I am writing to you regarding a patsanstha in ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. I had deposited money in the patsanstha in March 2014 and since June 2014 the patsanstha due to liquidity crisis is not repaying the money of the depositors. I managed to obtain post dated cheques from the patsanstha, I want to add that the cheques were personal cheques of a director. Along with the cheques a letter signed by the director, chairman and manager was given to me, the letter mentions the cheque number and drawee bank name and branch, the letter also mentions that the cheques are being given to me to repay the money held in my savings account and my account number and name. cheques dated 1/6/2015 and 10/6/2015 were issued but they they requested me to present the cheques after 1st August. if the cheques bounce, can I file a case under sec. 138 against the patsanstha or will I have to file a case against the director of the patsanstha, I want to add that the branch in which I had deposited the money has been closed, I had to collect the cheques from the main office, also can I file a police complaint.