Query for Maintenance Charges of the Flats based on Carpet Area Size (Square Feet V/s Equal Basis)

{A} Legal Provisions of MP RERA Rules 2017: Provision contains In MP RERA - The below provision in point no. 26 of Annexure A (Rule 9) of Agreement for Sale. METHOD OF CALCULATION OF PROPORTIONATE SHARE WHEREVER REFERRED TO IN THE AGREEMENT Wherever in this Agreement it is stipulated that the Allottee has to make any payment in common with other Allottee(s) in the project, the same shall be the proportion which the carpet are of the (apartment/flat) bears to the total carpet area of the (apartments/flats) in the Project. {B} Legal Provision of Madhya Pradesh Prakoshtha Swamitva Rules, 2019 Section 2 definition as below : (e) "Apartment owner" means the person or persons owning an apartment and an undivided interest in the common areas and facilities appurtenant to such apartment in the percentage specified in the deed of apartment; (k) Common areas and facilities" in relation to a building means all parts of the building or the land on which it is located an all easements, rights and appurtenances belonging to the land or the building, which are neither in the exclusive possession of an apartment owner in terms of his deed of apartment, nor are handed over or intended to be handed over to the local authority other public service agency. This will include the limited common areas and facilities; (I) "Common expenses means"- (i) all sums lawfully assessed against the apartment owners by the association for meeting the expenses of administration, maintenance, repair or replacement of the common areas and facilities; (ii) expenses, declared by the provisions of this Act or by the bye-laws or agreed upon by the association, as common expenses; (iii) Government and municipal taxes including group rent and property tax, which is not assessed separately for each apartment; (y) "Percentage of undivided interest" means the ratio of the built up area of the apartment to the total builtup area of all apartments of the building. With regard to above provisions my queries is as below : Q1. Whether the above provision applicable for calculation of maintenance charges of Flats also ? Q2. Whether we need to pay our maintenance & common services charges according to size of our carpet area ? Q3. If spacious flat owners make their majority & form & association for equal maintenance charges then what is the legal remedies available to minority small size flats owners ? Q4. If all flat owners have legal ownership rights in proportion of their flats size in undivided area of building & all knows that common services like cleaning, guard & electricity used for maintenance/services of this undivided area. In addition if building get renovated/sold/collapsed then in new building/consideration every flat owners get benefit according to size of their flats then why maintenance charges can be levied equal by spacious flat owners thru majority only by making rule in byelaw of housing society ? Whether it is justified ? Please guide us..