Grandfather property Right

Hello Team, My grandfather had six sons and one daughter, Out of which only one son has forcefully or trickily made my grandfather property as a registered gift deed to his wife and son(My uncle's wife and son).agriculture land was purchased my Dadaji around 13acers in cash years ago, but firm from where he took cash was ancestral. House was bought buy great grandfather which that also he made on his name or his wife or son's name. We are staying in the same house which he made gift registry on his wife's name..means my aunty. Land piece of 5 acres still has not been registered and my grandfather died on 28/8/2020. I as grandson to him and can I fight against his register deed and also there a remaining piece of 5 acres what can be done with that.I need the right opinion on way out to get my legal authority on house and agriculture land.We are scared that if we are not in house can he remove or kick us out from the house where we staying from year and years paying electric bill etc...But house is being made registered deed