Does Daughter have right in father's property even though will does not mention it?

My Grandfather has 1 son(expired in 2010) and 1 daughter. My grandfather has expired in 2017 and my grandmother is still alive. My mother's brother has expired in 2010. Uncle has two son and one daughter(my wife). In 1983, my grandfather had registered the property(50 cents) on my grandmother's name saying she can utilize it until she is alive and after her it is only for the male descendants. After this, grandpa registered a portion of land(20 cents) to my mother in 1996. In July, 1998, my grandmother written and nominated 10 cents on my mother name. But, due to some reason, it got registered only in March, 2000. Does my grandma have power to give land to my mother? In Nov, 1998, my grandmother and my uncle(mother's brother) registered a portion of land(21 cents) to my uncle's sons when they are minor and it got registered in Dec, 1998 itself. Is it valid? Now when we go and ask my uncle's sons for my mothers 10 cents which was given by my grandma, they are refusing to give it and saying my grandma does not have right to give land to my mother and the registration happened is invalid. We are not aware at that time that my grandma does not have power to give land to my mother. They are illiterate. Does my mother has right to claim this 10 cents?. Also, there is another land of my grandpa. But, that is entirely in the name of my uncle. Can my mother or my wife(uncle's daugher) claim share in that? Please clarify.