Gift Deed Registered - Posession not provided

Dear Sir, I'm 42 years old and I'm married, blessed with three daughters. Jan 18, 1995 I got married, which was arranged by my parents. We are blessed with three daughters the eldest is 18 yrs old now, the second daughter is 14 yrs old and the youngest daughter is 12 yrs old. My parents were never happy with me and my wife as we are not blessed with a son. I started my career a partner in our family business and continued to work as a partner for 12 years. In 2004 my father, mother, brother and myself parted from the ancestral business and handed it over to my uncle and his family. I then started working with a Private Firm. From 2004 to 2010 while me and my family were living with my parents and brother, I gave my parent most of the salary I earned from Rs 8000/- to Rs 20,000/-. Post retirement (2004) my father stayed at home and the situation at home became more tensed, my father and mother picked on me and my wife on small and feeble issues and started harassing us, both me and my wife went into depression, we visited a psychiatrist for treatment. Every day we were living hoping thing will be fine with my parents and they will treat us with love and affection, but that never happened. In Dec 2009, my younger brother was blessed with a son and later the situation at home turned bad to worse, as my parents drove me my wife and three daughters out of the house. Since March 2010 we have been staying in a rented apartment. On several occasions I requested my parents to provide space to live at our own house, having an own house I'm unnecessarily paying rent, Our house is fairly big, constructed on 400 sq yds, having two floors with a plinth area of over 4200 sq/ft. In Nov 2012 after a lot of deliberation and literally begging my father the sole owner of our house gifted (registered Gift Deed) ¼ of the house (100 Sq/yds, 1031 sq/ft) to me, ¼ of the house (100 Sq/yds, 1031 sq/ft) to my mother, ¼ of the house (100 Sq/yds, 1031 sq/ft) to my Brother and retained ¼ of the house (100 Sq/yds, 1031 sq/ft), but never provided possession as promised in the Gift Deed. Please let me know what kind of a legal action can I take.