Neighbour Harassing Me and My Dog

I have a Doberman, who will be a year the end of September. He’s not an aggressive dog, and he’s trained to stay on my property... even has a shock collar just in case he sees a squirrel and tries to run, but I’ve trained him so that now he doesn’t go for them or even go after bikes or people walking by. This one neighbour I have constantly comes by on her bike or walking and when she’s on her bike she’s screaming and flailing her arms about my dog (HE LITERALLY DOES NOTHING) he barked at her once, but dogs bark, there’s nothing reason to cause a commotion? Anyways, she’s done this a handful of times and says things like “get your dog” “that dog should be tied up” etc when he never leaves the property and there’s been times when he hasn’t even looked at her going by. I feel extremely harassed and I’m not sure what to do any more. I live on a busy road and everyone else is fine, it’s just this one lady that does this. She just completely freaks out and causes massive scenes. What do I do, my dog is well behaved, not aggressive and if I’m outside with him I don’t feel like there’s a need to put him on a leash since he listens to me.