Regarding Mutual Consent Divorce

Respected sir, I Ramanuja Kiran, working as teaching assistant. sir, i married on 17th May 2013 in Rajahmundry. problem is:she is 19 yrs old, has an affair before marriage, that's why to protect her daughter with out telling the truth, they parents married to me. but after some days i know the truth by her only in August 2013 and feel hurt, and i asked about this to her parents in Nov. 2013, that she is not living properly with me, i never scold or never harm to her, cause she is a lady and a small age, but she not change and keep another affair in her college on March.2014 and i know this on july 2014, again i informed about that to her parents, and as a husband i said, "what you are doing is not correct" and finally on 9th Nov. 2014 a big arguement between both families happened. at last on 21/04/2015, they take her daughter to her place. why it happen? i enquired. then her babayi said on 22nd April.2015 to me, that he caughted red handedly with her lover at her college premises on 3/4/2015 good friday and informed to her mother. this is true. but her babayi or my misses did not said this matter on 3/4/2015. why? i dont know. So now they are not contacting or lifting the phone, nearly 75 days crossed. on 23/4/2015, they messaged me, that they want to send her daughter after 2 months, but no response from there. So What to do sir, what is your legal advice?