How to proceed further

Dear Sir, court has ordered the builder to refund the money to me with 10% simple interest on 23.04.2019. As per order money was to be refunded within 3 months from the date of order which expired on 23.07.2019. Since then, I visited the builder office several time with request to refund the money but they are not refunding, instead telling us to take another properties at cost decided by builder which is much more than resale price of same property in the market. Example - decided cost by builder 1.3 cr on Magic brics and some other platform cost of same properties is 1.05 cr. If I go ahead, i am loosing money and at the same time not getting property of our choice. Kindly advise now how can i proceed further to get the refund in shortest time. Builder is telling that if i go for contempt of court order or recovery certificate order, then the builder will mortgage the same property at circle rate to the DM for the auctioning which will take much more time, and there will be no body to come for taking part in auction as the DM will get the amount to pay you only when auction is done at much lower price than circle rate decided by authority. If DM auction the property at lower than circle rate, you will not get the amount to be returned as per ordered. I am confused now, what to do further. Builder is also telling that as soon as mortgage is property is done, there after interest will not be paid any further. Please advise how to proceed.