About ex parte temporary injuction order

Sir i an purchased a land of 3 acres in 1995 and make an sale deed in 1995 and giving full money at the time and we asked him to register in my name after he refused to register land in our name after we file a suit in 2007 the court gives a judgement and partly decreed the suit and court is said to recover the money with interst of 10 % but we don't want money and in the sale deed mentioned that at that date of sale deed the he can give his position to me and I am in the peaceful position from that date to present but they are filed a separate suit in court for injuction order in the base of katha and pani in their name the katha and pani is transferd to him in the 2008 after we file the suit and we can discussed that also in case but they telled the lies that they are in the peaceful position and not mention any cases (another case is still present in that court) on that land and asking court that they are disturbing my possesion so court can give a injuct order so what can we do now