Regarding After Issue Of Decree/ Order If a person fails to pay

My father's civil case in city civil court madras. the case was decreed in favor of us. the judgement made on [deleted]. the court issued a decreed copy on [deleted] stated that principal amount along with interest to be paid. There is no dead line date specified in the decree copy. my lawyer told me to wait until august to take a proper action. my question is how long we should wait from the date of order copy has been Issued my second question is if opposite party didn't respond after specific period of time what kind of action court will take. my third question is the court decreed copy stated that opposite party to pay 9,00,000 lakh rupees from that 5,00,000 as principal amount and 4,00,000 as interest. one of my lawyer told that they will pay you as a instalment of 10,000. I don't know why this is possible because the opposite party is well settled party having own house and paying yearly tax of 2,00,000 lakh rupees My fourth question is there are four respondents in our case all the four declared absent ex parte out of four one ex parte has own house and paying income tax of rupees more than two lakhs from this situation how the court will decide the mode of payment My final question after 8 years court has given judgement after that decree has favored so the period of appeal was not mentioned in the decree and the court holidays will include or not for the appealing I don't know the next process please help me out.