We are 3 brothers , one sister and my mother as hairs to my fathers property. As per my late father’s desire and wish that all the property would go to my mother seeing her welfare after his demise, we all relinquished are rights and the entire property got transferred in my mother’s name. Out of we four siblings, myself and my elder brother takes 24 hour care alternately and stays with us in the property left by my father. My mother gets rental income from this property and with loan from bank including 70% finance from me with my supervision she constructed two more floors on the same existing property. My question is : 1 Are these two floor's termed as her (my mother‘s) earned /acquired property. She pays the EMI to the bank from the rent she receives. 2. should the division be on the bases of what my father left prior to his demise or would include her investments from rent and my personal investments in construction of the additional two floors get merged during the family distribution for this additional property. 3. If we make 1/5 (Four siblings and my mother) share of the property of my father equally what is the status of my and my mother’s investments. Please advice