Adjustment of reserve cadidate

There is 16 post and the as per reservation policy 2 s.c. cadidate to be promoted. A MAHAVEER and B VASANT selected .after sabarwal case DECISION C RAVINDRA is S.C. cadidate promoted in the cader as a third cadidate as per prevailing gr at the time of his promotion in 1997. then atfer some year when the issue of confirmation he is treated as addititonal and at the same time by seniority he hold the one number position in seniority.he is confirmed as open cadidate and given date as he becomes senior on 27/12/2008 and and promotion date shown as 27/12/2008.but at the same time he is shown in S.C. roaster point on no -9. ( A promted and B is on roaster point . 1). Now DSANJAY is also S.C. cadidate is promoted by seniority as open candidate in 2024. 2 )now 2 post increased and resesrvation for S.C. is 3 post. 3) now as per situation all 3 sc post becomes vacant. 4) E JEEVAN is to be promoted in last year ,but ADM say that D is to be adjusted on third post of sc.hence no sc post vacant.. 5) E JEEVAN is now considerd for promotion as a S.C. cadidate on third post and at he same time he is senior as per seniority. 6) now i m at F BHOSLE position. now i claims point no 9 as per roaster and 1 for E .and 17 for G. VISHAL. as per sabarwal reserv candidate if promoted on merit then he should not be shown on roaster point and also in %. NOW MY QUE. IS THAT, CAN THE CANDIDATE C, D AND E SHOWN OR ADJUSTED IN ROASTER POINT AS 1-C RAVINDRA THEN D SANJAY ON POINT NO 9 AND F JEEVAN TO BE PROMOTE ON POINT 17.AND (F ) BHOSLE MYSELF CAN NOT CLAIMS THE POST . AS PER SABARWAL CASE LAW IN MY OPINION ALL 3 POST OF SC ARE VACANT . THERE NO RULE OF ADJUSTMENT.OR ANY CIRCULAR. OR GOV.RESOLUTION AS PER ADM THEY CAN ADJUST THE CADIDATE ON ROASTER POINTS BECAUSE SECRATORY GIVEN AFFIDAVIT IN TRIBUNAL COURT. WHICH HAS NO BASE. ON THAT BASIS OF AFFIDAVIT IS THIS POSSIBLE ?