One time common maintenance money is kept by builder and not handing over the same to society.

Dear Sir / Madam, I would like you to thank you for taking interest in my problem. I have paid one-time common maintenance to the builder while purchasing office premises. The builder had said that such amount will be handed over to the society while registration of it as per co-operative service society law. I had not given any receipt at a time of taking the amount in CASH. (I have mobile phone voice recording regarding that payment as evidence) Now after 3 years builder is not giving any money to the society and society president (who is secretly working for builder only) forcing me to pay a monthly maintenance of the office. they have issued a legal notice also for the recovery of said maintenance charges. I want to ask some specific questions related to the above-mentioned facts. 1) Can I ask for the receipt of the common maintenance fund from society? 2) Can I refuse to pay monthly maintenance charges on those grounds? 3) Should I file a police complaint against the builder and president of society? 4) What can be the best remedy for this problem? I am not against the payment of maintenance charge, I just want the transparent accounting for the funds provided by members.