Threat of suicide from my wife

Sir/mam I was got married in 2008,it has been 7 years of my marriage n still the situatin is same.earlier my wife starts fighting with my mother on very basic things which is kind of normal in every i thought its sometimes happens in married life.but in last two years there are some circumstances she start shouting loudly to aware our neighbours and to create a scene by saying am gonna kill myself and always ready to disrespect my mother and my family.but last day we just have little conversation between me and my wife.i told her to not to go to park during morning because me and my father have to go to work so you have to be here for ready my and my father lunch.but then she start blaming my mother again and this time she start fighting with me abusively and shouting badly and she started pushing me badly towards wall and said me such things kind of things that a person will never forget for his lifetime and then i call her parents and inform them about whole scenerio.but she took my phone from me n again start shouting abusively on phone against me and my mother.then after her parents cut the phone.and when i called them again they don;t took up my phone.and then she packed her bag and walk away from my house.and then at night there parents call me and talk to my dad they blame us by beleiving the every lie she said to them.they agreed that she got very very angry in little things but will manage he said.and atlast he said that i told my daughter next time if got involve in fight so just be there and die there don't ever come here to disrespect them so these are words which her father sir i don't know what should i do now.because i have my 4-5yr old son with me and i dun want that these things affect my son life because of my wife's who always get ready to hurt others or commit i want to get rid of this threat so please suggest me what should i do next to keep my son and my family safe from her.I don't want to be with her anymore.