Cheating and Harassment

My name is Dipender Singh Bhandari and I am from Chandigarh Punjab. I have been Duped of 7 lac rs for the purpose of getting my self a Job in Merchant Navy by a fraud named Yogender Malik originally from haryana and active in Mumbai. I was told I will get job in 3 months after oaying him and at the salary of 500-800 USD but since August 2014 till now others no progress but harrasment and I have been stuck in Mumbai since then. I was told by him that he will take care of me till I get job in Mumbai but m serviving of My own taking money from My parents and cooking my self. There are more 4-5 young boys in flat who are stucked like me. My father has paid whole amount to yogender malik thru online banking to his account . I have all the details of every transaction paid to him by my father. I left my job in Chandigarh for the sake to get my self into Merchant navy and my father took private loan to pay Yogender malik. Moreover I have to spend money here in Mumbai on daily basis. Plz help me , what step should I take to get every hard earned penny spent by My Fatherback from Fraud Yogender Malik and how Much can I claim. I am still in Mumbai and I have not alerted Yogender Malik of My intention till now so that he don't run away.