My Irresponsible Husband & in laws

Hello sir, I am muslim and from Hubli Karnataka...I got married 3 years back and this three years only first couple of months everything was OK.. there after my in laws started there demands for many silly reasons and my poor parents managed to give as much as possible from there end. When I was 6 months pregnant my parents bought to me home for delivery. I delivered a baby boy but neither my husband came to see the child nor any one from there family. Because they wanted my parents to support them financially in my husband's govt job bribe money. And they never even bothered to call until my son turned 6 months old. My uncle took me to police station for complaining in Hubli but police refused to take the complaint than we did PCR and court directed police to file FIR & investigate and submit the reports. But police instead of supporting us started asking the proofs of dowry given but my poor parents never maintained any proofs for the money paid. Finally police made counselling for two days and made us compromise and sent me back to my husbands place.. And for couple of months they were quite but now they again started demanding for money and again sent me back to my parents home and from last four months I am in my parents home. Police had filled some B report to our previous PCR by taking large amount of bribe now one of the advocate said it's difficult to fight your case since police has filled B report in your previous PCR. My parents are poor and illiterate. Please guide me how should I fight back. I have now 1.6year baby am not understanding what to do.