Divorce notice sent by husband

Me and my husband had trust issues and 2 years ago my husband planned and sent me to my parents place and in weeks sent a divorce notice asking for divorce and few golds and gifts which was given to me during marriage and to our kid when he born. First hearing happened, as the marriage was beyond repairable I agreed for divorce. But again during mediation he said he want the kid which was just verbal and next hearing date was given. But unfortunately that hearing didn’t happen because of some holiday. While all this was happening me my husband and kid were living in the same house. So when the second hearing didn’t happened as scheduled I checked with my husband and he said he don’t know. I called court and checked they said if the next date is decided I will be informed. And there is no cases found on e-courts to check online. This happened 2 years back. After that no court notices or anything as such. Last year I moved out of the house with my kid and it’s been a year since me and my kid started living separately. This year he again sent a court notice asking for full Child custody. But due to pandemic the hearing didn’t happen and till now no updates. I want to move on with my life. If Me and my kid want to move abroad help me what all the legal settlement I have to do . My kid is 10 years old. Somehow I can sense he just want to drag and not come to any decision. I want to come out of this mess. Pl guide me. Thanks