What should i do after getting regular bail from false 498a case

Hi , I just got married on July 2014 . after my marriage my wife stayed with me for 1-2 months (She left my house in Dec'14), rest she is staying with her parents till now . In Jan'15 we(Me, father-in law,mother-in law, sister of my mother in law and my Wife) went to Mumbai in a pleasure trip and i have been beaten over there by my wife and my mother in law as the inform me that my wife got tortured by may parents . After returning from Mumbai my wife and mother in law called me and use abusive words and threatening to bring back her daughter . At that time i lodged a case in my local court about Restoration of Conjugal life and asked them to send my wife . There are no response on my notice and suddenly about after 3 months (Apr'15) my wife send a lawer notice mentioning full of lying and ther matters which are not at all occurred duering her staying in her matrimonial house . Even after that i kept my mouth shut and cross the finger to see what happened next as i was not in mood to bring back my wife to my life again . suddenly on 27-June-15 i got a notice from my local police station that my wife has lodged a 498 case and i need to appear in the police station of her locality . Yesterday me and my old father went to police station to appear against sub sec-41. The I/o itself admitted that the dress habits and attitude of my wife is very ultramodern and even he doesn't like the same . He asked me to take bail from court and also admitted that his hand is very much tight and he has nothing to do as 498 cases is something where police cannot do anything even if they want . he also took around 15000 from me to make my attendance in front of him . We comply the 41A attendance at police station and also took Regular bail @ rs.1000 from court . now my question is : 1) What will be my next step? 2) What are the cases i can start against my wife and in laws? 3) What action can betaken against their false blames and what are the punishment for thin in law ? Thanks and Regards Avi