Reg ; Divorce under mental cruelty and desertion

Respected Member, my marriage happened in 2012 and after the marriage the life was so hard. the person who i married as was so adamant and did not respect my family members, from her behavior it was well understood that she wants me separated from my dad and mum. her family members were supporting the same. when i did not hear the words of her, she went to her home in aug 2012 and did not turned back. i have sent her a notice for rejoinder, but by bypassing that she filed a 498a petition against me and my parents. she also assassinated my character in that petition. she said that i am drug addict, have relationship with so many girls etc. after policy enquiry , officers closed the report saying that the issues are due to ego problem and i conveyed to them that i am willing to rejoin as i sent a joinder notice, she refused to join, those things also mentioned in the report. when the police case did not help her, she filed a criminal op in high court seeking direction to register FIR, but highcourt disposed the case and refer for mediation. In the mean time i filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty, after she received the notice i got a call for mediation from her locality, i said the facts and expressed the things that i faced and conveyed that i am not interested to join and she cunningly said that she wants to join by that time,and the mediation closed as unsuccessful. After that she filed a transfer petition in supreme court to transfer the case from my locality to her locality. the case got transferred to her locality, once the case started she filed RCR,section 125 (future maintenance) and original suit (past maintenance). Still she did not file counter for my petition on mental cruelty but she continuous to file petition after petition. I filed a another petition for desertion too. What should i do next and how my case goes from this stage. there are no children. pls advise.