Need advice on divorce

Hi, I have been married for more than 7 years. It was a love marriage.I work in IT. Husband works in different sector has his own business. But things were never really smooth. we lived in a joint family for a year. Then started living separately but things getting worse later. Meanwhile i got onsite opportunities to UK and we started having frequent fights on different issues. priorities over friends, family planning etc. Now there is no connect left between us. I dont want to have a childern. Husband wants it since his parents want. but we dont have relations from years probably. I am thinking of running away from all this situation. we have talked for divorce several times. but husband is not ready. then he makes some emotional arguments and things dissolve. I want to know if i runaway to another country. what would be legal complications that i have to face.we do have home loan in which we are co borrowers. so need to know from financial aspect as well.Can i file a divorce from other country? Also i dont want anything from him. Not even that home..he will be staying with his parents in there. I am thinking of quitting my existing job and going abroad for education since the families as well wont understand the issues and conflicts between us. They are quite orthodox and against divorce. So i just want to know if I can send a divorce notice while leaving or when i reach other country. I dont want to involve anyone. So if i start the process before leaving from here will that do? Also do i need to to make any affidavits for the things i will be taking with me(which are mine). I just dont want to get involved into other legal matters other than divorce.