Dividing of a property constructed by common money.

Dear sir/madam, I am Balaji from Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh.My father and my uncle ( my mother's own brother ) were have been doing business ( small fancy shop ) since 33 years. The money earned from shop used in constructing a house ( in the process of modification of roof ) on my uncle's own house. This was constructed nearly 20 years back with the cost of 7lakhs roughly. Now we want to get out from the business and we are asking the share in the constructed house on top of my uncle's home. But they are compensating that expenses for my sister marriage done in 2008 which also costs roughly 6-7 Lakhs . Can we compare the fixed asset with the expenses made on marriage and also both situations are occured in different time spans. My question is do we have right to ask the share in the constructed property? and can we compare like this with the asset vs expense? Please help me. Note : there is no proof for the money which used for construction is came from the joint business. And the construced building is also not registered legally. Thank You.