Please let me know my rights

Hi , My name is Nazneen Sheikh. I got Married in Hyderabad, India in the year 2005, We were living Los Angeles since then . Me ,my husband and my 2 kids aged 13 and 10 are US citizens. Last year in June 2019 my Husband bought us India for the purpose of settling his property issues in India and convinced me to stay temporarily at my parents home . He promised to set up a home in my parent's city . My kids have joined a nice school in here. My husband is still working remotely for his US company . It's been a year ,he still dint get a home for our family. It's been 4 months , he left us here and said he got a bachelor home in his hometown which is a remote place and my kids can not live there comfortably. He is not taking us with him nor providing any financial support since 1 year. He started Online harassing me and my family members and started character defamation on me, threatens to divorce and provoking me to ask for it. He denies of getting a rental place in this City and falsely accusing me to escape from his family responsibilties. Iam scared for my kids future. Please guide what are my options. How Can i make him pay for our expenses. ATleast pay for a rental place so kids can continue their school in the city. He is still working for the US company. We jointly own a home in California and a Bank account . How can i protect my share of money and my home from being sold by my husband. He got his passport and iam scared that he may fly anytime abandoning us at my parent's home. Can i file for Divorce both places in India and USA ? He got properties in india as well. Please Let me know my rights.