Mental harassment

My marriage was in mother in law had not allowed me & my husband to stay with her in Ahmedabad. Then my husband decided to stay in baroda because my parents are giving me full support.In 2001 i had daughter. She came once& said i had job so i would not help u .she also said i had grown up my children then its your responsibility to grown up yours kid.She never help in financial or mentally.Always mental harrass me & my husband. My husband's father died at earlly age. I have two sister in law. One is usa. Other is in Ahmedabad that sister keep her all pension and other financial thing with her. Not keeping her mother with her. To keep mother is reponsibility of brother.since 20 years she speakes bad words to me , my husband & my kids.At present my mother health is not good. She had stage 4 cancer.In corona i am working in emergency as i am anaesthetist.if iam not able cook then she speaks rudly to me said thatyour parents will die if not cook food for me.These words hurts me. I am anaesthetist so i should help my parent. She doesn't want that. In 2004 she had cardiac arrethemia.i had revived her. After that she lives with us.she not allowed any cook for cooking food. Can i file case against my mother in laws for giving me peace to my husband and me.I want to help my mother in tertiary period.please help me