Fraud by father

Hi my father married to another lady inspite of being married to my mother. There is divorce case going on since years court ordered to give her n her daughter alimony. Now he is retiered. He has loans of approximately 60L. He owns 3 houses(not sure). 1 we are staying in one where he is saying the person is staying from. Whom he borrowed 5lakhs. He is saying he doesn't own any 3 rd house. He mentioned that court had ordered him to buy a house for other lady. He is not ready to do anything. He is already in debt. Now my mother has expired 8 years ago and me n my wife and he is staying along with us. He wants to sell this house and saying to buy another house in my name. He has taken loan keeping me as partner. Also, he has made a partnership agreement on his clinic name keeping me as partner. I am nowhere in state to repay 60lakh which he spent God knows where not ready to explain anything. I want to know how these loans on my n his joint name will affect me? also does that partnership make me liable to repay loans? The loan on his name am I liable to pay? What will happen to the house where he saying someone else is staying. Is there a way to check how many properties person has on his name? What should I do next? What happens after his death?