My wife want to cheat me and filed a case on me

Hi sir, I got married in jan 21 2020 in front of temple.bwfore 21 date she called me in phone her parents not agree for marriage .She wants to married me only she said to me.i came from hyd to near her house.we married in front of temple and went to my house .My parents want to marry me in Feb 26.we married before date.they said we will do marry for both in next month .She not agree their words and my father called her father explain the matter.her father also agree for feb engagement also done with same girl in Oct 9 th 2019.she and her father went to next day to jan22 2020 to the police station and she black mail to police and me.i want marriage this day only.i don't want next month with her pressure police also said to her parents .Do marriage this day only she not agree me also.that day our marriage also done her parents and her that time we write a letter we don't want any connection with my son.they also written i don't want any connection with my that time in that paper her family mentioned we will give marriage spending money{food,declaration,hall) in 10 days .They mentioned in the date of jan22 2020.yesterday I went ask police about the letter .They said your marriage is unofficial and paper was parents not their in marriage.she spend after marriage 2 months only.after 2 months she went some place and July 14 she give complaint on me and my family members.what that she given 7 lakhs in engagement and after that marriage 1 lakh she said.Actually she not given 1 ruppe also in the engagement and still now.she have land on her name and asking put that land to my mother name in that time I drinking and bite her.she give false statement in police station .I am not taken any 1 ruppee dowry also.i ask many times she said I am not again stay with you.she and her family want to cheat me and take more lakhs money from me.after the police station compilant CI also talk with me and her.she not listen CI words also.CI also confirm that.mistake was her and her family.he was good person.she wants to take his family on road and court.he told she was mental person problem was her not day she went to police station ask file a fIR on me and my family.police also not agree.she play a game if you not file i get sucide here only.with her pressure police also file a FIR 498A and 3 &4 After marriage me and my wife also jan22 2020 not go and stay at home also directly went to her relative house and stay some days.after that we go and live in hyd parents also not contact with me.hee parents daily talking with her in phone.please give suggestion to me and save me and my family.