Harassment by children to a sr citizen of 72

I am a sr. Citizen of 72 years. Retired without pension. Have 3 children- two daughters aged 33, 31 and son 25 yrs. All three of them are MBA. I invested my earning in their education by getting them admitted to private university by paying huge fees. All three are working now, The eldest one is drawing 16 lakhs per annum and now tortures me by not marrying, coming late, attending parties and coming back drunk invariably. She has also influenced the other two and now all three have been misbehaving with me. Many a times all three even manhandled me. My wife being simple (stupid) lady is unable to deal with them and tries to shield them, without realizing that they are at fault and the situation is becoming bad to worse day by day. I am very scared and feel so insecure that she may even get me murdered to acquire my house which I acquired by my hard work and money. All of them are self sufficient and working but they do not want to leave the house as they get every thing free here-stay, food, laundry and other facilities. I am so fed up that I want to disown all three of them or commit suicide. I have even prepared myself to donate my flat which is of more than a crore to some charity institution or PM RELIEF FUND. . Please advise how to solve this problem. Please advise what to do to get .