What are my chances of going to jail & Loosing this Copyright Infringement Case?

I recently received a cease & desist notice from my previous employer asking me to shut down my eCommerce website as it looks similar to his & I accidentally used 2-3 of the Images he clicked himself & claims as copyrighted Images. I started this similar website when I was working for the employer but he found out & fired me for competition. We did not sign any non-compete or NDA whatsoever but the cease & desist notice says even if I did not sign it I'm bound to it. The eCommerce website is a dropshipping website ie- all product images are available on Chinese websites like Aliexpress but he says he owns the copyright to everything & as I have worked with him I cannot even use the same suppliers & says I had access to trade secrets when I never did. My only work was to process orders received at my employer's website & we never even talked much. He has asked to close all websites & provide him an account of profits made from Images of his. My main question is will I go to jail for this? Is there any chance of me winning the case if it goes to court? Will court go through my bank accounts & my family bank account to see profits & pay them even if I'm in loss?