Father's right to meet the child

I've been divorced for 10 months now. As per the terms agreed by both me and my wife, I'll get to meet my son (who's custody is with my wife) on the weekends from 12:30pm - 5:30pm. However, since April this year, i've not been able to see my son. Because of Covid-19 pandemic, it was understood that safety measures would not allow and it was not safe for me to meet him or take him anywhere. However, my wife without even informing me took my soon to Jaipur to her parents house for more than a month. And that has been done regularly where i do not have any idea where my son is and when i connect with my ex-wife to meet my son, i'm told they are out of town. Lately it has become extremely difficult for me to even connect with my son and my ex-wife is not letting me talk to him on the phone. I've to call 3-4 times and send msgs before she let's him speak to me. I've suffered a lot and my ex-wife knows that i'm getting really frustrated and depressed as i'm not being able to speak to my son. Its driving me mad and thoughts of ending my life have already started to creep in. Is there any way i can legally approach this situation and make her understand the importance of being cordial in all this? Talking to her or any mediation is out of question. Please suggest.