False Complaint by Wife

My wife has given a fake complaint in the Police Station against my mother stating that my mother has hit her. It was just a General diary and no medical examination was conducted. My parents visited us for the 2nd time during our 2 years of marriage. She was not happy about my parents visiting us. My wife parent's also stay in the same city - Mumbai (where we are staying post marriage). Post this incident, we have moved to our hometown and my wife is staying with her parents in our house. I'm unable to go back due to the COVID 19 situation. Now she want's to go for a divorce stating that we are not staying together since 4 months. I offered her a suggestion wherein we both can stay together for 6 months without staying in touch with our families to see if the things work out between us. She is in complete custody of the house where we were staying. I do not even have the house keys. She is highly influenced by her family members. Both of us are working and earning almost the same amount.